Have you heard the recent buzz about sleep, or have you been too sleep-deprived to notice? The verdict (or should we say, science) is in: sufficient sleep leads to improved health and well-being at every age.

Since your sleep quality impacts the quality of your time awake, why not optimize it? By the age of 75, you’ll have spent about 25 years sleeping. This is just under 10,000 days of your life. Here are three ways to make the most of it.

1. Pair the pillow

Because of the mattress-pillow dynamic, a new pillow to go with your new mattress may result in a better all-around fit and sleep experience.

2. Do your homework

Familiarize yourself with the numerous mattress materials available—innerspring, latex, air, memory foam, gel and all their combinations. Research the latest technologies: adjustable bases, variable firmness, temperature manipulation and sleep tracking are a few available options. For bed-partner disparities, explore the many dual zone comfort options.

3. Speak up

Keep in mind that one person’s dream mattress might be another’s nightmare. Mattress comfort is such an individual consideration that you really can’t rely on comfort reviews in your quest for your best mattress. Instead, focus on customer service reviews, return policies and warranties.

An investment in your sleep is an investment in your quality of life. Rest assured that good sleep and better days may only be a mattress away.