So you survived another Valentine’s Day alone. Now it is your turn to treat yourself to a nice dinner or exchange a gift with a pal.  

Indeed, February 15 is your day to revel in your singleness thanks to National Singles Day. Have a celebration with friends and take note that being unattached has several health advantages. Here are myriad reasons why it just might be healthier to be single today. 

1. Weight it out

An Australian study of 350 brides found women tend to gain almost five pounds in the six months after they tie the knot. Another report in Health Psychology shows happily married couples tend to gain weight in the four years after saying “I do.”

2. Date, pray, love

Psychologists say singletons have more time to discover who they are, which can enrich their lives and lead to happiness.

3. No kids, no stress

Married couples also don’t have the added responsibilities of caring for offspring. “No children, less worries,” jokes Heather Sanchez, the mother of four who loves her kids but admits they add a whole new dimension of worry to her life.

4. Gym rat

Dash that idealistic notion of exercising with your significant other. A study from the University of Maryland found unmarried adults exercised more than married counterparts.

5. Casting a wider net

It has been shown that single people are better at maintaining relationships with friends, neighbors and extended family than married couples. They also have a bigger variety of pals because friendships are linked to spouses.

6. Pants on fire?

Married couples admit to lying to partners about money. Seventy six percent of those queried in a study admitted lies strained marriages and nearly half reported fibs resulted in full-blown arguments.

7. Heart healthy

A Michigan State University study revealed a bad marriage caused more harm to the heart than a good marriage provided a boost. This was especially true among women.

8. All about the Benjamins

A survey of more than 2,000 adults in relationships found that one in three admitted to financial infidelity or lying to a partner about money issues.