The program goals of a customized fitness program are to maintain and increase fitness levels, prevent new injuries, and stop the progression of old injuries. You need to incorporate core strength, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength in your program.

  • Strengthen your core. We know that core muscles provide stability to the trunk and total body. They aid in improving strength and balance.

  • Flexibility is also a key component to a fitness program and increasingly important as we age. Incorporate stretching into your everyday life activities.

  • Strength training is another essential component. Modify strength training activities by using lighter resistance and doing more repetitions. Elastic bands and rubber tubing are excellent for this.

  • Weight bearing activities such as running and jogging, to increase cardiovascular fitness, put a tremendous load on our knees. Non-weight bearing exercises must be incorporated in your customized fitness program. Cycling, swimming and spinning (my personal favorite!) are all excellent.

  • Exercise frequency is a key component to customizing your fitness program. Exercising three to five days a week is recommended. Remember, more is not necessarily better.

Lifestyle changes are essential to a successful customized program. Focusing on proper diet and nutrition and maintaining appropriate body weight is a must.