Mediaplanet: What does enjoying healthy holidays mean to you?

Daphne Oz: Everything that I do has to be healthy and happy; I am all about striking that balance. I knew I would never have to give up the foods I love and sacrifice the experiences I wanted if I could figure out smart ways to make quick, easy substitutions in my foods that would make them more nutritious, less full of empty calories, less full of empty fat and unnecessary sugars.  I call it "smart indulgences." I’m not going to waste my calories on a candy bar, but save up my indulgences by having a great desert or a homemade baked good.

I will definitely be eating turkey, stuffing, corn pudding, gravy and mashed potatoes. I’m not worried about having [one] slice of pecan pie. If I feel deprived and don’t let myself have even a bite, I’ll find myself routing through the pantry at midnight hunting for something sweet and end up eating a stale ginger snap.

MP: What tips do you have for fitting in exercise during the family gatherings or during the colder weather?

DO: A family walk is a chance to bond that doesn’t involve food — or gives time to digest. A 10-minute morning routine consists of yoga moves, some push ups, lunges and jump rope, which is an incredible cardio [work-out] that costs you nothing.

“Plan for perfection,” she shares, “But once guests start arriving, be present at your own party.”

MP: What are some healthy, fresh ingredients to use in winter recipes?

DO: The first things that pop into my mind are sweet potatoes. If I have a good supply, I don’t crave bad artificial sweets because I’m getting that natural sugar [and sweet potatoes are] loaded with beta-carotene, tons of natural vitamins and natural fibers.

MP: What are some natural immune boosters?

DO: My two main ‘go to’ supplements when I feel like the cold season is coming around the bend and everyone is getting sick — Vitamin D and colloidal silver. Colloidal silver is an incredible way to boost natural immune systems. For vitamin D you can take a supplement, cod liver oil, fish oil or from [eating] fatty fish like sardines, anchovies or salmon.

MP: What is the best way to keep a germ free kitchen?

DO: It is important to develop a healthy immune system gradually by not over-sanitizing. Think of immune systems like an army — it needs to fight little battles to train so that when the big wars come along it knows how to fight.

MP: Any final advice for happy and healthy holidays?

DO: When I first got pregnant, my dad [Dr. Mehmet Oz] told me the most dangerous thing for the baby is to be stressed out — and that is not only when you are pregnant. It is easy to be stressed out around the holidays. Plan for perfection, but once guests start arriving, be a guest at your own party.