1. Cut back on bottled beverages

Even if the label says zero calories or 100 percent fruit juice, you’re just better off drinking water. Your body is made up of 70 percent water, and needs a lot of it to maintain daily functions. Having to process all of the other added ingredients to find the pure stuff is unnecessary hard work. If you want to get really serious about your water intake, consider purchasing an alkaline filter or drops for your home or office. That way your body doesn’t even have to process the acid that is inherent in a lot of tap and bottled waters.

"There is something special about going out for ice cream with your family. The alternative, sitting in front of the TV with a pint by yourself, just doesn’t have the same sparkle."

2. Close the kitchen by 8:00 p.m.

“If everyone closed the kitchen at 8pm,” says Dr. Jamie Koufman, author of “Dropping Acid: The Reflux Diet and Cookbook Cure,” “obesity, snoring, sleep apnea, asthma, high blood pressure and acid reflux would decline nationally.”  Even President Obama got behind this notion when he sent out a proclamation by the same title, “Close the Kitchen by 8,” earlier this year.

3. Get it on the side

Nobody likes to be a picky eater, but there is a reason why healthy people often order salad dressing, cheese and sauces on the side. “You don’t want to finish a salad and have a pool of oil and vinegar at the bottom of your bowl,” says Dr. Koufman. “That is just reflux waiting to happen.” So next time you are out to dinner, just politely ask the waiter to let you drip, dab and drizzle yourself. Remember, it’s your body – you get to decide what you put in it.

4. Some foods are special events

There is something special about going out for ice cream. The whole act of it is a social event, and something your family can enjoy together. The alternative, sitting in front of the TV with a pint by yourself, just doesn’t have the same sparkle. Dr. Koufman advises her clients to indulge in the sweet stuff, but as a treat. “Don’t keep ice cream in the house,” she says. “There is no reason for it”.

Comfort beverages, like coffee and wine, are highly acidic and can throw off the alkaline balance in the body.  However, by adding a few drops of alkaline to the beverages, you can neutralize the acidity. “We’re not perfect,” says Jeffrey Ulery, a chiropractor at Whole Body Health in Austin, Texas, who also happens to be a former science teacher. “My wife did not want to give up coffee, so I started measuring the pH balance, and adding alkaline drops to her brew in the morning. I found that I was able to actually neutralize the coffee and make it a non-acidic beverage. This works for wine too – in fact, I’ve found that adding alkaline drops to cheap wine makes it taste better!”

5. Practice mindful eating

It can be a challenge to find the time to sit down and enjoy a healthy meal, but it is a surefire thing you can do to help yourself live a better life. Studies have shown that people who eat slower and really enjoy what they are having, live longer, are in better shape and have less health problems. From water to vegetables, dairy and meat, it is important to think about the benefits of what you are consuming, and how it can help you live.