When you’re expecting, it can be overwhelming to think of all the things you need. Here are three helpful tips to figuring out exactly what you should register for:

1. Determine your parenting lifestyle

Your lifestyle plays an important role when choosing what items you want to put on your registry. For example, if fitness plays a large role in your current lifestyle, you will want to choose a great jogging stroller. Do you want to raise your little one in an organic setting? You may want to look into those alternatives, like cloth diapers and options for safe co-sleeping. If you are living in a city apartment you will want products with a small footprint (like a stroller which folds so small you can put it in your purse).

2. Do your research

There is so much information out there, but with the abundance of tips and opinions come’s the feeling of uncertainty. There are many great places to explore baby gear that don't involve the web. Visit a local baby fair, which have great brand reps showcasing their products. Visit baby stores that offer free informational classes like what to pack in your hospital bag or choosing the right bottle. Pick a mom friend’s brain for those firsthand tips on the must have items and the one’s to leave off your registry.

3. Know the registry must-haves

Parenting is all about keeping our babies safe and happy. There are few things you need to be sure to have. For a safe car seat, there are great consumer reviews that can help guide your decision. A crib mattress may not sound exciting, but is an important part of your registry to keep your baby comfortable and safe. No matter your lifestyle, carrying your child will be an important part of your daily routine. Make sure to research, try on and register for your perfect carrier or wrap.