Lil Dicky’s sex life changed in a major way since his music video “Ex-Boyfriend” went viral. As his career progresses, so do his romantic prospects.

“Mainly I’m just having way more sex than I used to,” said Lil Dicky. He’s always had long-term girlfriends, but now — in tandem with his rising fame — he’s single. “I tend to have a leg up in every [romantic] encounter, which means less rejection. But being single means more encounters and more sex in general.”

Condoms count

Lil Dicky has always been careful with sex, but he acts as safely as possible now that his prospects have widened.

“I tour a lot,” says Lil Dicky, “and even though I’m not the type of guy that has sex in every city, sex with one or two or three girls while I’m on tour for a month is totally realistic. So my guard is up.”

Lil Dicky knows condoms are the best tool in the safe sex kit, but sometimes opts for a foolproof approach. “I get a lot of handjobs,” he said, “because I like the way it feels, but I also know there’s such limited sexual risk that comes along with it. That peace of mind is as good as a mid-sex orgasm in my eyes.”

FUN AT EASE: Being on tour doesn't stop Lil Dicky from having a good time. But even then, safe sex is always on his mind, ensuring he keeps himself protected and his guard up.

Tips from a pro

The man whose music is known for its hyper-honesty has had some sexual experiences away from the norm. Lil Dicky’s favorite of these moments brought with it some safe sex enlightenment: a professional escort, off-duty, e-mailed him to say she’d be visiting Los Angeles and would love to give him an incredible sexual experience.

“I asked her tons of questions about the amount of testing she gets done,” Lil Dicky said. “As a prostitute, she gets tested more than a typical girl would, so it felt like something I should consider. I was fresh off of a breakup.”

The night Lil Dicky was supposed to meet her, he cancelled because he was too nervous. The woman sent him an e-mail that made him reconsider. “When we met at the restaurant the next night,” he said, “I heard her say ‘Dave?’ then I turned and knocked my wine glass over and it shattered. What a way to start the night.”

ROCK OUT WITH YOUR APP OUT: Lil Dicky stands by dating apps, noting that committing to a person requires meeting the right person, and the more options there are, the better the chances.

Swiping right

Lil Dicky enjoys dating apps. He initially thought by maximizing the amount of girls he met, the more likely he was to find love.

“But after 80-100 dates in two years, I still haven’t met my wife,” he said. Lil Dicky still thinks it’s better to have the options of apps. “You’re going to have to be with this person for life. It needs to be the right person.”

The idea of having unsafe sex makes no sense to Lil Dicky. “How could it be worth it to take such risks?” he asked. “No sexual encounter should be bewildering enough where you lose your rationality.”

His advice: “Think things through, no matter what.”