The path to Olympic gold and three World Championship wins required hours of hard work, grit and determination from Simone Biles — but she says none of her success would have been possible without one thing: "I definitely notice a difference in my training when I’m not getting enough sleep. When I’m tired, I have less energy and it’s a lot more difficult to stay focused. I need sleep to rest my mind, restore my muscles and to prepare me to compete at the highest level."

Growing needs

The gymnast isn't alone in needing her rest — even kids whose only goal is to get through the school day need serious shut-eye. "Kids need quality sleep, plain and simple," says Gina Davis, President and Executive Director of Ticket to Dream Foundation. "All kids. No matter their circumstance, every child’s life is improved by quality sleep. With a good night’s sleep, it is easier to learn, make decisions, control their emotions and behavior, not to mention the vital role it plays in growth and puberty."

“I definitely notice a difference in my training when I’m not getting enough sleep.”

Fostering good rest

To help ensure that every kid can sleep a little easier, Biles has become a spokesperson for Mattress Firm Foster Kids, an organization dedicated to helping foster children in need. "The Mattress Firm Foster Kids program collects essential items — like school supplies, shoes, pajamas and clothes — to help make the transition into a new home, a new school or a new community a little bit easier for those children," says Biles. "Foster children hold a special place in my heart, so I’m excited to partner with a brand that not only understands the importance of a good night’s sleep, but also shares my passion for helping those kids."

By helping foster kids get the basics squared away, the program helps get kids one step closer to having the rest they need. "These children need to feel secure, comfortable and have a routine that helps them relax," says Davis. "Children need to feel safe and not be stressed to sleep well."