Known for her trendy maternity and baby clothing lines, Rosie Pope of Bravo's “Pregnant in Heels” has experienced the pain of infertility. After giving birth to her first son in 2008, things changed dramatically when she and her husband tried to expand their family.

“I had what they call secondary infertility,” explains the British American entrepreneur and blogger, who battled ovulation problems and underwent multiple IVF treatments that resulted in an ectopic pregnancy and emergency surgery.

“I told myself, ‘I just need to take a moment here,’ because so much had happened and I was so upset about it. I actually got pregnant the old-fashioned way right after that, and after that pregnancy, it was not a problem again.”

Know your options

“It's the timing of it, and surrendering to the fact it may not be the way you imagined as a little girl."

Pope, a mother of four, encourages women to consult a reproductive endocrinologist if they're discouraged about their chances of conceiving.

"These days, unless your eggs are too old and you're not willing to use donor eggs or donor sperm, they can basically get everybody to the point of having a baby. It doesn't mean the road is going to be easy, or accepting the different methods is going to be easy, but it's comforting to know we're at a point where most people end up with a baby or two.”

Staying positive

Pope says you shouldn't compare your situation to others. And when the pressure becomes overwhelming, turn to humor: "When your emotions are pushed so far, sometimes laughter is the easiest thing to do.”

Pope also suggests focusing on when, not if, you'll get pregnant. “It's the timing of it, and surrendering to the fact it may not be the way you imagined as a little girl. If you keep the faith this is going to happen for you, it doesn't matter how it happens.”