New Eyes assists those living at or below the federal poverty level, the working poor and people without insurance. If they are approved for our program, we send them a New Eyes voucher that they can take to any optical dispenser as long as the dispenser accepts our reimbursement rates. New Eyes pays an average of $60 per pair, compared to the average cost of over $200 for a pair of glasses in the U.S.

People submit applications to us with a copy of their recent eyeglass prescription through their social service agencies, primary care physicians or houses of worship. We often hear stories like those below:

From Joy, case manager for Benjamin: “I was able to take my client to be fitted for his eyeglasses today… It was one of the best experiences I have had in my life! My client had not had a pair of glasses since his arrival in the U.S. back in 1999, and was carrying the outdated pair he had in his front pants pocket. The lenses were falling out; they had been taped several times and the frame was quite warped. When he put his eyeglasses on for the first time, this huge smile came across his face and he looked around in pure amazement.

"I do not and never will take my eyesight for granted."

The only thing he could say was ‘Wow!’ He was able to read the smallest print on the eye chart, and was so happy he could see. He told me over and over how wonderful this was for him, and mentioned that he could now write letters to his family in Cuba without trying to hold the old glasses on while writing. Thank you so much for assisting my client. You have made a great impact on him and me as well. We are eternally grateful!”

From Ruben: “Thank you so much for your help with my new eyeglasses. I really appreciate this so much. Not only can I see a lot better, but it’s less strain and pain. With new glasses, it’s a better outlook on life. Thanks again and God bless you.”

From Elaine: “I have been waiting since February 2009 to have enough money to pick up new prescription glasses. I would like to say thank you a million times over, because being able to see clearly again is a blessing. I do not and never will take my eyesight for granted. God bless you for your wonderful program in helping those like myself in need.”