Mediaplanet: Do women have to choose between time in the sun or healthy skin? How can they find a balance?

Marisa Miller: You need to be smart about sun protection, but it would be unhealthy to not get some sunshine. Sunscreen is really important and you should find one that isn’t loaded with chemicals. Diet can play a role in your skin health as well. Omega 3’s and lycopene, found in tomato paste, can help protect you from burning.

MP: How important are regular checkups with a dermatologist for women?

MM: It is very important to get checked by your dermatologist once a year. We all know early detection is key in fighting cancer. My Uncle got stage 3 Melanoma and it was a huge wake up call for me. I went to the dermatologist that week and I had a mole removed on my leg.

MP: How do you still maintain a healthy glow without exposing yourself to harmful UV rays?

MM: There are so many wonderful products out there to give you the color you want. If you want to look tan, using self-tanner or bronzer is smart way to do that. Baking yourself in the sun makes your skin dehydrated looking as well, so it just isn’t worth it.

MP: What steps do you plan to take to ensure your baby boy’s skin health?

MM: First it starts with diet and since I’m nursing, I make sure I’m getting enough healthy fats, omega 3’s and dark leafy greens. For skin care, after his bath, I use organic coconut oil on his body. I also make sure he’s getting some short amount of sun exposure as getting Vitamin D is important.