Mediaplanet: Were you a blood donor before your accident?  

Niki Taylor: I was not a blood donor before my car accident in May 2001. However, both of my parents have been donating blood for as long as I can remember and are now a part of the gallon club. Many people never really think about it until they need it, which was exactly the case for me. That experience changed my life forever. I now go to donate blood every three months along with my husband.

MP: How do you urge people to donate blood?

NT: I have now made it my mission to get the word out anyway that I can because, for me, my life changed in a matter of seconds. It is solely because there was enough blood on the shelves at that specific moment that I am here today. One donation can save up to three people. I owe my life to the blood donors and the American Red Cross.

GIVING BACK: Following her transfusion, Niki Taylor is now returning the same kindness that was extended to her by donating blood every three months with her husband. Photo: Bryan Whitely Photography


MP: After the accident, how did you stay positive through all the challenges?

NT: I was very thankful to be surrounded by my family and my twin boys after my accident. I fought ferociously every day because I did not want my boys growing up without a mom. It was a long recovery with a lot of setbacks, but the body is an amazing vessel. Everything has a purpose, and it’s amazing how the body can heal itself. God is truly the most amazing artist.

MP: What advice would you give for those who aren’t eligible to donate blood, but still want to help?

NT: You can always help by pledging your support for blood donation. Get your family involved. Talk about blood donation with your friends and family. Make it a family event.

MP: What was it like actually meeting some of the people whose donation helped saved your life?

NT: Actually being able to hug and meet my blood donors face-to-face was the coolest experience I've ever had. I'll never forget. For so many years I wondered who rolled up their sleeves for me—what mom, what dad, nurse, student gave me my second chance at life. That day was one of the best days ever. Together we can all create a culture of giving.