Every year, 5,000 low-income first-grade students enter the Denver Public School System without having seen an eye doctor, and many of them need glasses. That statistic hit close to home for Broncos linebacker Von Miller.

“I've had glasses all my life,” explains the Super Bowl 50 MVP. “In second or third grade, I had to wear my glasses while I played football. I can relate to kids who want to see better in the classroom or on the sports field.”

Championing a cause

In 2013 Miller established Von's Vision, which provides underprivileged children with eye exams and eyewear to increase their performance at school and beyond.

“When I got to the National Football League, I wanted to create a foundation that I had my fingerprint on. I didn't want to start something and not really be attached. Von's Vision is 100 percent me.”

Von's vision day

Von’s Vision partners with optometrists, opticians and retailers to provide school kids with eye exams and eyewear, all at once. For one day, a Denver-area school serves as a clinic where youngsters can get screened, have an eye exam, shop for frames and receive new glasses in roughly an hour. Miller has also hosted reveal parties, where children get to hang out with the standout linebacker.

SPECTATORS AND SPECTACLES: Von Miller hosts the Von’s Vision Day Reveal Party, a time for almost 300 children to receive their new glasses.

“Glasses are important to me,” says Miller, the first player in Broncos history to earn a pro-bowl selection in each of his first two NFL seasons. In fact, Miller is determined to help even more kids see better. In 2016, “Von’s Vision – All Year Long” is expected to help over 2,000 low-income Denver-area children and students.

SEE IT IN ACTION: When creating Von's Vision, Von Miller wanted something that he could be a part of. Now, he's helping thousands of underprivileged children get access to eye exams and eyeware.

Giving back to others

Miller says, for him, assisting children in need brings a great deal of satisfaction

“I set out on a mission to help a few kids, and now there's a huge amount. I've got a great team behind me. It blows your mind that you're able to have this kind of reach on the world.

“It's a wonderful feeling,” Miller adds. “For Von's Vision to be something I started from scratch, you know, I definitely feel blessed. Every story I hear is equally exciting.”