What has it been like preparing for baby number three as a family? Are Riley and Ryan ready to both become big sisters?

It’s been great. We’ve always said we would love to have three children and it’s actually happening. The girls have been thrilled and can’t wait. It’s Ryan’s turn to be a big sister now.

When did you and Steph know the timing was right to further grow your family? As a couple, what are you both most looking forward to with the arrival of your newest little blessing?

We’ve always wanted our children to be close in age so they can grow together. We’ve been blessed enough to be able to make that happen. They’ll get to experience their teen years, 20’s and beyond together, which I think is incredibly special. There’s three years almost to the day between each of our babies. Not planned, but that’s how God made it happen. 

How has hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) affected this journey to parenthood for you? Do you have any advice for other moms-to-be who may be experiencing severe sickness symptoms throughout their pregnancies as well?

Oh goodness. This pregnancy threw me for a loop. By far the most difficult in so many ways. HG is one of those things you can’t understand or rationalize until you’ve been through it firsthand. As a parent it was difficult because I felt so guilty that I wasn’t able to be present with my girls. It lasted about seven months for me. My advice to the moms out there experiencing this  is to know that the kids will be fine and that our health during this time is so important for both ourselves and the baby. The silver lining is that it does go away, even though in the moment it doesn’t feel that way.

How important is it as parents to work as a team?

It’s so important for parents to be on the same page. You never want to send mixed messages to your children, and always want to be in alignment. Talk it out. Talking about your parenting styles is just as important as keeping the communication alive in a marriage. They go hand in hand.